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The Voting Period for the upcoming 2022 Municipal Election will begin on Thursday, October 13, 2022 until Monday, October 24, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. (Election Day). The Township will be using internet and telephone voting as the only voting methods in this year's Election. There will be no paper ballots.

A person is entitled to be an elector if, on Election Day, the person is:

  • A Canadian citizen;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • A resident of the Township, an owner or tenant of land in the Township, or the spouse of an owner or tenant; and
  • Is not otherwise prohibited from voting.

Anyone who fulfills the above requirements is eligible to vote for Mayor, Ward Councillor, and School Board Trustees.

Between April and August of 2022, municipal enumerations will be conducted by MPAC in order to prepare a preliminary list of electors for the Township. If you have moved since the last election in 2018, or have not confirmed your citizenship through MPAC, you may not be on the list. The Township encourages all voters to participate in MPAC’s 2022 municipal enumeration.

Are you on the Voter's List?

To learn more about how the municipal enumeration is completed, and why it's so important to update your elector information on, please read about MPAC's Role in Municipal Elections.

The next Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022. The Voting Location will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on that day.

You may vote in the election if you reside in the municipality, are the owner or tenant of land, or your spouse is a property owner or tenant of land in the Township. You must be a Canadian citizen and 18 years old or older on Election Day. You may not be prohibited from voting by any legislation.

On Election Day, you need to bring the following items with you when you come to vote:

  • Your Voter Information Letter (this contains the PIN you need to cast your ballots); and
  • A valid piece of government-issued photo identification.

The Voters’ List will be available to Candidates on September 15, 2022. On the written request of a certified Candidate for office, the Clerk shall provide this person with the part of the Voters’ List that contains the names of the electors who are entitled to vote for that office.

In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 a person’s, "Residence" is, “the permanent lodging place to which, whenever absent, he or she intends to return”. The following rules apply in determining a person’s, "Residence":

  • A person may only have one residence at a time;
  • The place where a person’s family resides is also his or her residence, unless he or she moves elsewhere with the intention of changing his or her permanent lodging place; and
  • If a person has no other permanent lodging place, the place where he or she occupies a room or part of a room as a regular lodger or to which he or she habitually returns.

If a student in the Township of South-West Oxford meets the general eligibility requirements, they are entitled to vote in the Township of South-West Oxford 2022 Municipal Election as well as in their home municipality.

A compliance audit is an audit of a Candidate’s or registered Third Party Advertiser’s election campaign finances and their compliance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Section 88 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 requires all municipalities and local boards to establish a Compliance Audit Committee. In accordance with the Act, the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee is composed of no less than 3 and not more than 7 members.

The role of a Compliance Audit Committee is to review and consider Compliance Audit Applications received from an eligible elector who believes that a Candidate or registered Third Party Advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 relating to election campaign finances.

Any elector who is entitled to vote in an election and believes, on reasonable grounds, that a Candidate or registered Third Party Advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 relating to election campaign finances may apply for a Compliance Audit.

The Application for a Compliance Audit must be completed and sworn to in front of a commissioner, and addressed to the Township Clerk. This can be done at the Township Office located at 312915 Dereham Line, Mount Elgin, ON. It must also include the reason(s) for the elector’s belief that the Candidate or registered Third Party Advertiser has contravened the Act. The Application must be made within 90 days after the applicable filing deadline.

Applications for a Compliance Audit on a preliminary financial filing can be made after 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31st, 2024. There is no fee for the application process.

What Happens Next?

Within 10 days after receiving the Application, the Clerk will forward the application to the joint Oxford County Compliance Audit Committee for consideration.

Within 30 days after receiving the Application, the Committee will consider the Application and decide whether it will be granted or rejected. The decision of the Committee may be appealed to the Ontario Court of Justice within 15 days after the decision is made, and the court may make any decision the Committee could have made in relation to the Application. 

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